Claudia will help you with issues that hold you back from being happy and  from  feeling your best.  Learn ways to help yourself too, and to live a fulfilled life.

About Us

  My mission is to use my training and my intuition to assist you in your daily life  challenges.


   I work with: EPFX, NLP, EFT, Emotion Code, Nutrition and Essential OIl Therapies.

   Set up a one-to-one session in person or at a distance on the phone or on Skype.

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Our Program


  My name is Wendy Darling and I wish to say a few words about the practitioner Claudia MacGruer. She has done work on me when I injured my knee and my husband    who had a serious back surgery. She uses many excellent modalities and has an intuitive sense about what is needed. She is always spot on. A kind,loving and  generous woman who gives so much to community, it is an honor to have her in our area. Not only have I experienced her healing, but have used products she has  created with great results. I really can not say enough about the capability or the core of this woman. I am deeply Grateful for her work. Wendy Darling


  I have known Claudia Macgruer for more than 20 years now, and can vouch highly for not only her character, but as a person who is a fine healer in her own right. I have  been helped by her on numerous occasions, as have countless others over the years. She will do the Emotion Code proud, and I'm certain she will be outstanding in  this healing system. Sincerely, Dr. Christopher Allen, D.C.